How To Become A Fashion and Beauty Influencer: Written by TheFashionDiet

Let’s face it, everyone and their mother wants to be an influencer these days. Having a presence online is not always easy, but it is, for the most part, a very rewarding, interesting and fun experience. Being able to speak about your passions and interests online while connecting with like-minded people is an incredible opportunity. One thing I should note here is that you don’t have to have a large following online to be an influencer. I think we all know who the big influencers are by now, chances are you already follow them on social media and watch their incredible holidays, their elegant style and their insane lifestyles. There are also so many inspiring people who only have a couple of thousand followers and they are killing it! There are currently 500,000 influencers on Instagram! Do you want to be one of them? Keep reading to see my top tips on how to build an audience online…
1. Find Your Niche:
Identifying your niche online is absolutely vital if you want to get into the industry! Creating your niche on social media will make all the difference to how brands view you as a content creator and also as a potential asset to their marketing. We are lucky these days as most brands are not looking for a huge following, but the proven ability to inspire and have a loyal audience to act on your recommendation. That basically means an influencer in an area where they have plenty of knowledge, passion and credibility amongst the kind of people who also may share the same interests. That’s why some brands work extremely hard to find the best influencer that represents the ideal fit for their brand. Another thing you should know is that brands also search for content creators in their own following! So before you create a platform, have a think about the kind of fashion, beauty topics etc that you want to talk about online.
2. Create Good Quality Content:
If you want to be an influencer, this is most definitely where you will be spending most of your time. It is super important to create good quality content as an influencer. Let’s think about this for a second. This is your brand!! The content that you create communicates your message, educates your readers, and persuades them to purchase products and services you may be promoting for a brand. Try to create engaging content if you can. Engaging content should be easy to both read and understand, and it should also be eye-catching.  Your content should tell a story that draws readers in and captures their imagination. 
3. Be Consistent:
Consistency is key if you want to build an audience online. Producing good, consistent content on your platforms helps you establish yourself and remain relevant. If you have a Youtube channel or a podcast, for example, try posting at a certain time every week. You need to give your audience a reason to subscribe and follow your platforms. If you don’t create new content, on a consistent basis, why would they want to follow you? They are not missing anything after all.
4. Collaborate With Brands & Influencers:
I think a lot of content creators will say that collaborating with other influencers and brands is one of the best ways to grow your following online. Brands are always on the hunt for influencers as the voices of influencers are some of the most important in the media world. Always make sure to collaborate with brands that you actually like and believe in. Your credibility helps shape opinions about brands and if you get good engagement from working with a brand, they are likely to continue working with you again in the future. When it comes to working with influencers, why not do a live stream together? Or collaborate on a post or giveaway? Collaborating with influencers is another great way of reaching an audience that may have the same interests and passions as you.
5. Always Engage With Your Audience:
This might sound straight forward, but engaging with your audience is an important part of being an influencer. Make sure to ask them questions, keep them engaged and respond to DM’s, comments etc as much as possible. 
6. Pick Your Platforms:
If you are starting off in the influencer industry, I would suggest sticking to one or two platforms first instead of diving straight in and using every single platform. If you want to create fashion or beauty content, I would suggest sticking to Instagram, Youtube or Tik Tok to start off. If you find that your engagement rates are high on one platform in particular, put all your energy into being successful on that platform.